Jazz and Improvised Music are artforms that have within them all the forces at work in humanity and the universe. They teach anyone who has the patience and willingness to listen about themselves and the world we all live in. If we musicians could talk about this and do the same through language, then we would. But we can’t, that’s why the world has always needed music, and in this country it’s the non-mainstream artforms like Jazz and Improvised music – both of which Jazz Services has provided invaluable support for – that most needs this support, if we are to continue to learn from culture.

What we need is more support to connect this music beyond its core audience, not less. Musicians do so much beyond writing, rehearsing, practising and performing music already. We need to encourage music lovers to do more, and to take a leaf out of mainland Europe’s book, and supplement bodies like Jazz Services with volunteer-run festivals, media, and concert series. We only have to look at what a great feeling of positivity and ownership there was from volunteers during the olympics to learn how important that is in society. BUT, at the core of this system, there must be people in full time employment to coordinate this, and this is where Jazz Services, and other organisations should exist, in my opinion – to create viable, sustainable opportunities and outlets for musicians to communicate to the wider audience.

I don’t know all the intricate details, but it has always seemed to me that Jazz Services is one of the rare funding bodies in the UK that keeps its administration costs as low as possible and focuses on providing a continual stream of small but invaluable funding to the musicians working so hard to bring their art to the rest of the country, through recording and touring their music. To see that disappear completely would be a travesty.





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Stories @ The Vortex Jazz Club

Wednesday 18th June

Double Bill with Dice Factory

Stories is an outlet for Simon’s instrumental music , uniting five of London’s most exciting improvising musicians. Their combined force creates an emotionally charged music full of nifty melodies, fruity harmony and propulsive grooves.

“An overflow of creative juices, with each musician allowed the freedom to express their personality through a selection of finely tuned angular grooves and intricate melodic writing” - Jazz UK



The Elliot Galvin Trio perform this Thursday at Jazz Nursery

We’ll probably play this nifty piece, inspired by the short lifespan of the ‘Periodical Cicada’, that emerges every 17 years, mates ferociously, and then dies.

Arch 61, Ewer Street, SE1 0NR
Doors 7.30pm. £10/£5 conc


Wigmore Hall Tonight!

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Looking forward to playing at The Wigmore Hall tonight with Phil Meadows Group, as part of their Wigmore Lates series.

Phil Meadows – saxophone | Laura Jurd – trumpet | Elliot Galvin – piano | Conor Chaplin – bass | Simon Roth – drums


Burghausen Jazz Award

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I just got back from a trip to Germany with the Elliot Galvin Trio, and am delighted that we were awarded the Burghausen Young European Jazz Award! As part of the prize, we opened the Jazz Festival with a 90 minute set in a double bill with Jamie Cullum’s band. It was all a whirlwind and a blast! Read more about it here (if you speak German)…

The show will be broadcast on German national TV in September.

Thanks to Seb Scotney and LondonJazzNews for letting us know about the competition!

The track ISM by the Elliot Galvin Trio was played on the radio last night. It’s from our debut album Dreamland. Click on the image below to listen to Jez Nelson’s Jazz on 3 on BBC Radio 3.

BBC R3 logo

Jez Nelson said:

“Perhaps one of the strongest debuts that I’ve heard from a UK artist in a long while. That’s the piano player Elliot Galvin. He has a new album out called Dreamland. It’s a very varied album and I have to say, for a first recording, it’s extremely bold and progressive.”

Thanks Jez, we love you!