“Simon Roth’s drumming is always just perfect – subtle, imaginative, in the pocket and never too loud.”
London Jazz News

“An overflow of creative juices, with each musician allowed the freedom to express their personality through a selection of finely tuned angular grooves and intricate melodic writing”
Jazz UK on Stories

 “A heartening impression of the quixotic, optimistic and generously shared energies of London’s young artistic community.”
John Fordham, The Guardian on Pop-Up Circus

“Beautiful… dance to it, make love to it, consume it, listen to it, stare at the clouds to it…. That music deserves good reactions!”
Iggy Pop on Vula Viel, Good is Good

“A collection of rising stars on the British Jazz scene.”
Jez Nelson, BBC Radio 3 on Phil Meadows Group

“These musicians are undoubtedly devoted to their art … the collision of sonorous rhythm and a backdrop of chaos make for a fervid debut.”
The Sunday Times on Thought-Fox

“I really enjoyed listening back again and again…I love the way you keep the spirit of the traditions alive yet do something totally different at the same time.”
Fiona Talkington, BBC Radio 3 Late Junction on Sefiroth

“The contrast and interplay with Colm O’Hara’s trombone worked well, but the standout song, which did Kinsella’s voice most justice, was ‘Arrival / Departure’, written by the band’s drummer, Simon Roth.”
Kieran Bohane, Irish Examiner on Thought-Fox

“Challenging music to get your teeth into.”
Laurence Mackin, The Irish Times on Thought-Fox

“Aboslutely incredible, I’ve never seen anything quite like it before”
Musicians Benevolent Fund on Sefiroth’s show Arvoles Lloran por Lluvia

“Attractive music with energy and I enjoyed it with my feet as much as my head.”
Eric Pozza, Canberra Jazz on Thought-Fox

“Impressive new jazz featuring some of the finest Irish and UK jazz innovators around these days.”
Carl Corcoran, RTE Lyric FM on Thought-Fox

 “Really, really beautiful…this music has an energy that is difficult to describe…exhilarating with wonderful contrasts.”
Bernard Clarke, Nova, RTE Lyric FM on Thought-Fox

A triumph…brave, original music” on Dissolute Society

“a…supergroup…they spin great tunes of their own but here pay their dues to Kenny Wheeler…a raft of talent”
Verity Sharp, Late Junction, BBC Radio 3 on Dissolute Society

“One of the most exciting young UK groups I’ve heardthis year”
Jez Nelson, BBC Radio 3 on Vula Viel

“They were the unexpected stars of a glitzy show”
The Guardian on Vula Viel

“This first class debut album from a sublimely talented trio is indicative of great things to come […] this is seriously good stuff.”
Roger Farbet, All About Jazz on Elliot Galvin Trio

“Resolute forge their scissoring, compelling words and sounds. The plaintively powerful spoken-word lyrics of Gboyega Odubanjo mesh with Raph Clarkson’s riffing, rumbling trombone, Phil Merriman’s keyboard sonic shadows and the subtle messages of drummer Simon Roth’s sticks, hands and brushes.”
The Morning Star on Resolute