Kalila Wa Dimna Exhibition

Part of my work at Play for Progress involved leading the music side of our contribution to this beautiful exhibition. … More

Scrambled X @ Spanners

WOAH! A gig. Yes I’m putting on a gig. Scrambled X. Wednesday 2nd March 2022 at the fantastic Spanners in … More

What about now?

I can’t remember exactly what I wrote last time, or even when I wrote it, but I feel like I’m … More

I want to let you in…

I uploaded a load of extracts from things I’ve been doing recently. Mostly it’s improvisations. I have a tendency to … More

Aria for #SetOperaFree

As part of #SetOperaFree I was asked to write an aria for an online opera project. You can watch this … More

JustGiving Fundraiser

Here’s a video I put together as part of my campaign to raise money for new percussion for the autumn … More